Research and publications

My main research area is finite group theory. I am interested in the further development of local techniques and their applications within and outside group theory.
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  • Contribution to the book Facettenreiche Mathematik (Multifarious mathematics), edited by Katrin Wendland and Annette Werner, Vieweg+Teubner 2011.

  • Special primitive pairs in finite groups , Archiv der Mathematik 97, No. 1 (2011) S. 11-16.  
    There is a short erratum (in Archiv der Mathematik 98 No. 5, 2012), but the version linked here is correct.



Talks (selection):


  • "Finding and using symmetry", Mathematics Seminar at the University of Dundee, 8th August.
  • Talk at the conference "Group Theory, Geometry and the Influence of Jacques Tits" in Karlsruhe, 27th May: "Towards a Z*_3-Theorem".
  • NBSAN-Meeting: "Applying permutation group theory" at the University of St Andrews, 18th March.

  • CIRCA-Seminar "Fixity and subgroup structure" at the University of St Andrews, 26th August.
  • Lecture Series for the Modern Mathematics International Summer School in Bremen, 4th- 9th July, on Coxeter chamber systems.
  • Inaugural lecture "Was sind und was können Gruppen?" at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 21st May.
  • Talk at the Workshop „Algorithms for Linear Groups” in Banff, 20th November: „Permutation groups where
    non-trivial elements have few fixed points”.
  • Lecture Series for the Modern Mathematics International Summer School in Lyon, 22nd-29th August, on the topics group theory and primality testing.
  • Talk at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 24th July, for the application to a professorship:
    „Permutation groups and Riemann Surfaces".
  • Mathematics Colloquium at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 3rd July:
    „Permutation groups working hard".

  • Nikolaus-Conference in Aachen, 6th December: "Permutation groups where
    non-trivial elements have few fixed points".
  • Colloquium on Pure Mathematics at the University of Hamburg, 19th November: "Permutation groups".
  • Talk on the topic "Symmetry" at a spring academy for school students, 28th March.
  • Algebra Seminar at the University of Birmingham, 28th February: "Permutation groups where
    non-trivial elements have few fixed points".
  • "Women leading in Mathematics" Lecture at the University of Birmingham, 27th February: "Permutation groups".


  • „Groups and Geometries“ in Banff, 3rd-7th September: "Special primitive pairs in finite groups". This talk can be watched here.
  • Norddeutsches Gruppentheoriekolloquium at the TU Braunschweig, 29th.-30th. June: „C55-Gruppen“.

  • EPFL Lausanne, Group Theory Seminar, 8th November: "The Z*-Project".
  • University of Aberdeen, Postgraduate Group Theory Conference, 25th June:
    "Local arguments for the Z*-Theorem".
  • TU Braunschweig, Baer-Colloquium, 28th May: "Das Z*_p-Projekt".
  • Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, 9th March: "The Z*_p-Project".
  • Tokyo University of Science, 6th March: "Local arguments for the Z*-Theorem".


  • FU Berlin, 15th September: „Eine neue Sichtweise auf den Z*-Satz“.
  • University of Gießen, 9th July, Colloquium for B. Baumann: „Eine neue Sichtweise auf den Z*-Satz: der nicht-auflösbare Fall“.
  • University of Birmingham, 23rd. March (Women in Mathematics Seminar): „On Burnside's p^aq^b-Theorem“.

  • University of Birmingham, 14th September (Leaving Seminar): „Soluble Radicals“.
  • University of Jena, 20th August: "Sätze vom Z*_p-Typ".
  • University of Halle, 29th July: "Auflösbare Radikale".
  • University of Halle, 17th February: "Sätze vom Z*_p-Typ".

  • Norddeutsches Gruppentheoriekolloquium in Kiel, 18th and 19th July: "Glauberman's Z*-Theorem".
  • Groups and Geometries Meeting in Oberwolfach, 20th-26th April: "Soluble Radicals".
  • Group Theory Seminar, University of Kiel, 15th April: "Auflösbare Radikale".
  • George Glauberman Conference in Chicago, 24th-28th March: "A local approach to Glauberman's Z*-Theorem".
  • Pure Mathematics Colloquium in Southampton, 22nd February: "Glauberman's Z*-Theorem and the special role of elements of order 2".

  • Norddeutsches Gruppentheoriekolloquium in Magdeburg, 9th and 10th November: "Isolierte Involutionen in endlichen Gruppen".
  • Group Theory Seminar, University of Kiel, 6th November: " Quadratisch operierende Elemente der Ordnung p".
  • Algebra Seminar, University of Aberdeen, 25th October: "A local approach to Glauberman's Z*-Theorem".
  • Algebra Seminar, University of Manchester, 15th May: "Isolated involutions in finite groups".
  • Algebra Seminar, TU Kaiserslautern, 24th April: "Isolierte Involutionen in endlichen Gruppen".
  • Algebra Seminar, University of Birmingham, 31st January: "Isolated involutions in finite groups".