Current and past lectures and seminars

Winter term 2020/21

Summer term 2020

Winter term 2019/20

  • Grundlagen der Numerischen Mathematik (Kruse)
  • Monte Carlo Methoden und Zufallszahlengeneratoren (Kruse)
  • Oberseminar Numerik (Arnold, Kruse)

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Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses

Please contact us by e-mail or visit the office hour if you are interested in writing your Bachelor thesis, your Master thesis or the “wissenschaftliche Hausarbeit” (Lehramt) in our working group.

In general, it is required that you have successfully participated in at least one of our (more advanced) lectures which will serve as a starting point for a thesis. Note that identifying an interesting topic often takes some time. It is therefore advisable that you contact potential supervisors of your thesis with some buffer time, in particular, as you might need to familiarize yourself with additional prerequisites before starting to work on the actual topic of the thesis.

Ongoing Master theses

  • Lars Lange on “Analyse und Anwendung von Stochastischen Gradientenverfahren für Maschinelles Lernen”
  • Johanna Weinberger (jointly with Reinhold Schneider, TU Berlin) on “Numerical Methods for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Monotone Drift and Applications”

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