ICMS 2020 Session: Groups and group actions

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Aims and Scope

This session is for facilitating the communication among the researchers and the developers and the users of computer algebra software, with an emphasis on group theoretic algorithms.

Topics (including, but not limited to)


Talks/Abstracts (preliminary version, in alphabetical order)

Please note: The talks are given via pre-recorded videos, and questions can be asked at the discussion sessions. A full timetable can be found at the bottom of this page:
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Wednesday 2-2.30 pm: Rebecca Waldecker, Chris Jefferson, and (hopefully!) Sergio Siccha.
Wednesday 3.50-4.20 pm: Max Horn, Tobias Moede and Alexander Hulpke.
Thursday 2-2.30 pm: Anton Betten and Sasha Borovik.
Thursday 3.50-4.20 pm: Bettina Eick and Charles Leedham-Green.

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