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    1. The noncanonical gluings of affine spaces (Joint with Barbara Baumeister)
    2. The uniqueness case
    3. F-modules for finite simple groups (Joint with Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld)
    4. F+1 and 2F+1-modules for finite simple groups (Joint with Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld)
    5. Affine dual polar spaces (Joint with Barbara Baumeister and Sergey Shpectorov)
    6. 2F-modules with quadratic offender for the finite simple groups
    7. Construction of sporadic groups
    8. Groups local characteristic $p$--type, the structure theorem
    9. Groups of local characteristic $p$, the H--structure theorem
    10. On a certain $(O^+(6,q),O^+(6,q))$ - Amalgam (Joint with P. Rowley)
    11. Algorithms in pure mathematics
    12. Schülerkurs Diskrete Mathematik

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